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Interpower Induction Heating Equipment and Systems

Welcome to Interpower Induction, one of the fastest growing induction heating companies in the world. Interpower Induction has provided world class induction mass heating equipment and systems with the highest level of technology available and a personal service unmatched by anyone else in the industry since 1995. This unique combination of advanced induction technology and service is a competitive advantage built into everything we provide – giving you more power to compete in your industry.

Interpower Induction Europe has been established as a full manufacturing and service centre, where we are able to provide the full range of Interpower products and local service in Europe. This has been achieved by the acquiring UK based Melting Solutions, a specialist in manufacturing both induction and gas/oil fired heating and melting systems.

This way Interpower Induction Europe can provide full engineering support for new equipment as well as repairs and service by skilled staff with in excess of 30 years experience in the heating industries.

Today we serve hundreds of customers worldwide.  We have produced equipment for forging, automotive, truck and bus, wind turbine, aerospace, military, railroad, handtools, mining, marine, farm machinery and off road vehicle industries.

For more information about our services call 01675 477700 or email sales@interpowereurope.com



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