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Latest News From Interpower Europe

Management Changes

Interpower Induction announces management changes

After a very busy and successful year in 2017, Interpower Induction are pleased to announce the following changes to the Management Team:

Doug Rankin will be leaving the post of Managing Director to become Corporate Technical Director, heading up the engineering departments in the US, Europe and India. Doug became Managing Director in 2012 after Interpower Induction acquired Melting Solutions and has, with David Bell as Sales Director, successfully lead the company through difficult economic times and into new markets. The change to Corporate Technical Director will allow Doug to follow his passion for engineering and make the best use of his wealth of technical knowledge.

Christian Dunn, who has been Operations Director since 2016, will now take up the role of Managing Director. During this time he has already made an impact on the operational side and taken responsibility for the day to day running of the company. His ability to motivate his team has lead to continually improve performance.

David Bell will continue to lead the Sales Team in his role as Sales Director.

Paul Cameron has been promoted to Head of Manufacturing. Paul joined the company two years ago, bringing with him more than 25 years of management experience, particularly in manufacturing of secondary aluminium. Paul will be taking responsibility for all manufacturing operations, quality and production planning to ensure projects are realised successfully.

Ingotech Engineering acquired by Melting Solutions

INGOTECH Engineering Ltd, known since 1987, for its world class and innovative ingot casting equipment, has been acquired by Melting Solutions.

The company will continue under the direction of Mark Taylor as Managing Director; supported by Clive Hall as Sales Director and with senior consultant John Taylor, continuing in his role as Mentor. This will bring a depth of unrivalled industry experience to the company, from when the first INGOTECH casting machine was commissioned thirty years ago.

INGOTECH casting technologies covers all kinds of foundry ingot casting machines. These include sow casting lines, de-oxidant production and a huge range of dross / sow moulds. Over the last decade the company has pioneered one of the best liquid metal casting methods, virtually eliminating metal turbulence in the ingot. This breakthrough in casting excellence and consistency of ingot, opened the way to the development of highly automated ingot stacking and packaging systems, based on robotic technology.
Today more than ten automated lines are in operation, with new lines coming on stream during 2017.

The INGOTECH products and expertise, are a great fit for Melting Solutions, and we are delighted that this acquisition has taken place

Interpower Group Managing Director Doug Rankin

For further information on Ingotech Engineering Ltd please visit

Interpower Europe have Moved

Interpower (Melting Solutions on the MSL site) have now completed the move from Curdworth to our own premises in 250 Lichfield Road, Brownhills. The new site is located within easy reach of the motorways, located just off junction T6 on the M6 toll.

The new facility is considerably larger than our old building increasing our manufacturing floor space to 35,000 sq. ft.

The move is part of our plans for growth in all aspects of our business.

We are in the process of setting up new test and development facilities for both the gas fired and induction equipment and ultimately this will allow full testing on manufactured equipment for up to 50m lines.

Having moved in on moved in on April 11th, production started straight away with the first job leaving site on the 13th.

Adroit Engineering is now fully back in production with room to expand their machining capabilities to meet customer demands

Otto Power LLC – Press Release


Almont, MI–(Market wired – March 24th, 2015) – Junker, Inc. a Delaware, Corporation, and German parent, Otto Junker GmbH on behalf of Interpower Holdings LLC, a Michigan based corporation, announced today a joint venture development agreement to distribute Otto Junker products and services across North America.
The new J.V. will be named “Otto Power LLC” a Michigan based corporation.

Otto Junker GmbH – Produces state-of-the-art Induction and gas fired furnace technology. It develops and commercializes proprietary, next-generation high-power industrial furnace technologies.

Interpower Induction, is a world-class supplier of induction heating equipment based in Almont, MI.
Under the terms of the agreement, the new Joint Venture Company will provide:

    • Induction Melting Equipment to Foundries
    • Heat Treatment Furnaces for Aluminum and Copper
    • Induction Heating & Furnace equipment for Aluminum Extrusion
    • Channel Furnaces
    • Die Casting Equipment And Moreover
    • Related services from within the United States

“This Joint Venture partnership represents a milestone for both companies in their pursuit of cutting edge, energy-saving, green technology applications,” said Gary Gariglio President & CEO, Interpower Induction, USA.

Otto Junker’s COO, Atilla Somuncu said next generation thermal technologies require next generation process systems with green energy applications.

Otto Power’s new President, Sebastian Maerz said the North American market is an exciting opportunity for the Joint Venture partnership products. And as such we are proud to introduce the Otto Junker salient features to the US market.

Otto Junker is a global technology leader in this technology, which will enable Otto Power LLC to position itself well in the North American Market.  Frank Donsbach, COO Foundry Systems, Otto Junker GmbH, said about Otto Junker GmbH

For more than 90 years, OTTO JUNKER has been a global leader as the manufacture of sophisticated industrial furnace systems for metallurgical applications and as a supplier of ‘ready for installation’ steel castings. This is good reason for celebrating our 90-year anniversary in early September 2014 with our partners, customers and staff.  Founded in 1924 at Lammersdorf in the Eifel
region, our company has dedicated itself to metal processing from its earliest days. Otto Junker established his enterprise to market the water-cooled mould invented by his father. In the years that followed our company’s founder dedicated his efforts to the development and production of innovative machinery and equipment, maintaining close relations with the Technical university of Aachen (RWTH) all the time in the awareness that continuous technical development is indispensable for a Company’s success.

Furthermore, Otto Junker is also a leading European High-Grade Stainless Steel Foundry producing a wide range of high-quality castings. The materials, mainly high- alloys and based on FE, Ni and Co, are melted in efficient induction furnaces and, where necessary, under vacuum. These products are supplied in as-cast, rough-machined or finish-machined condition for all fields of application requiring high-alloyed materials, such as pumps, valves, centrifuges, machines for food industry, turbines, mixers, mills, furnaces, units for naval shipbuilding, research and development, environmental units, semiconductors etc.

About Interpower Induction, USA

For more than 20 years, Interpower Induction specializes in the development and manufacturer of Induction heating equipment. Our technology enables the creation of a broad range of industry applications that require high performance, high reliability and high-energy efficient power conversion.

Interpower Induction is a leader in building fully-integrated induction heating systems, power supplies, material handling equipment, induction heating coils, and automated systems for forging and heat treating applications. Our machines are built to deliver precise heating, energy efficient operations and quality manufacturing of metal parts. Interpower Induction systems are used in the aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, railroad, construction, technology and medical device industries.  As a single-source supplier of turnkey induction heating systems, we provide our customers with unique testing capabilities prior to installation. Our USA operations provide superior manufacturing quality, on-time delivery, and extraordinary technical service and support. All systems are full cycle tested in our plant before being shipped to customer facilities. With state-of-the-art manufacturing buildings, we provide full load testing with six phase power, and 12 high power test stations, insuring that systems perform to customer specifications. Interpower operates 6 facilities, four in the USA, and one in England and one in India.

Media Contact Information:
Craig L. Lamiman
Chief Operating Officer
Interpower Induction, USA, Inc.
World Headquarters
3578 Van Dyke, Avenue
Almont, Michigan 48003
Office: +1 810 798 9201 x 126

Sebastian Maerz – President
Otto Power LLC
Otto Junker GmbH
Jägerhausstr. 22 52152 Simmerath Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 2473 601 402
Fax: +49 (0) 2473 601 620
Mobile: +49 (0) 172 93 53 560
Mail: Web:

Otto Power llc a Michigan Corporation
A Joint Venture Partnership of Interpower Holdings LLC and Otto Junker GmbH
Junker Inc. a Delaware Corporation

Distillation Induction Heaters Nearing Completion

Distillation Induction Heaters Nearing Completion

Engineers Dan Worton, Alex Massey, Mike Allsopp (Project Leader), Carlton Reeves, Paul Hodgkins and Jack Massey enjoy a moment to reflect.

Interpower Induction are now nearing the completion of the build of distillation induction heaters for the food industry.

With temperatures up to 300 degrees celcius, the distillation induction heaters will provide accurately controlled heating.

An additional 3 heater units are still continuing to be built with completion foreseen very soon.

CNC Milling Centre Increases Capacity

Interpower Group Company Adroit Engineering has invested in two additional CNC Bridgeport Milling Centres. These two CNC Milling Centres will increase Adroit’s capacity for CNC projects by 40%.

“We are now in a position to run production jobs while still having the flexibility to offer quick turn around for existing customers on smaller jobs.” explains Christian Dunn, Managing Director of Adroit.cnc-milling-centreThe CNC Milling Centre increased workload has also offered the opportunity to employ two new personnel at our Curdworth site.

Besides CNC turning, Adroit Engineering also have conventional milling and turning, finishing and grinding facilities and conventional equipment such as drillers and a table saws to meet all machining requirements.

Interpower Induction acquires Melting Solutions

Interpower Induction from Michigan, USA has announced the acquisition of Melting Solutions Ltd after forming a successful joint venture in 2011. Interpower Induction already offers an extensive range of induction heating equipment for the forging and heat treatment industries in the USA and this joint venture has allowed for successful expansion into the international market with new installations in Europe and Asia. It will now incorporate the induction and gas/oil fired melting equipment into one company.

Douglas Rankin, Managing Director “These are exciting times for us,” said new Managing Director Douglas Rankin. “By combining the strengths of both companies we will be able to offer an extended range of heating and melting equipment with market leading innovation for virtually any application. Retaining the extensive knowledge of the Melting Solutions’ staff combined with carefully chosen appointments on the Interpower Induction side ensures we have the experience and drive to handle projects of any size from design and manufacture to installation and servicing.”

Interpower Induction Europe also offer a comprehensive spares and repairs service. Melting Solutions Ltd will remain a trading division and continue to serve new and existing customers.