Induction Heaters Fluid and Gas

Induction Heaters Fluid and Gas

Interpower Induction Europe Ltd design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Induction Fluid and Gas Heaters.

Our fluid and gas heaters are typically used in applications including:-

•Fluid and Gas heating for Chemical and Food Processing
•Hot Oil
•Heating for Process and Edible Oils
•Vaporising and Superheating: Instant steam raising, low and high temperature / pressure (up to 800ºC at 100 bar)

Our Induction Fluid and Gas Heaters have a wide range of benefits, but the major ones are:-

•Instant start-up and shut down.  The induction heating system allows for rapid heating, due to the high power available.
•Low thermal inertia
•Low heat loss
•Safe hazard area or standard industrial operation
•Minimal maintenance

In principle our induction heater comprises of a three-phase mains frequency transformer with a primary winding and magnetic core. The secondary winding contains electrically shorted and thermally insulated heat exchanger coils of heat resisting steel tube.

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