Induction Power Supplies

Power Link ™ – Energy Saving Induction Power Supplies

Power Supply Range 5 to 5,000 kilowatts, IGBT (Transistor) and SCR Technologies
Mains frequencies from 50 hertz to 50 kilohertz

The Interpower POWER-LINK  Induction Power Supplies are all solid-state units employing the latest state of the art technologies in both power and control electronics. The units are specifically designed to operate in the harshest of environments and will provide long term trouble-free operation.

The basic concept of the units employs a special type of power transistor called IGBT (Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor) to allow absolute turn-on and turn-off even at high operating frequencies. The ability to turn off these devices at any time during the operating cycle makes this one of the most reliable systems on the market today.

Our power supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as melting and heating of metals as well as processing applications for foods and chemicals.

With a power factor of 0.95 maintained over the complete output range and no significant losses when the inverter is not heating a load, the Interpower Induction power supplies are highly efficient. We offer flexible, customer-driven solutions for any application:

Series Characteristics kW kHz Aplications
Power-Link 1.3 Low power, wide range of matching capability 150 kW 150 kHz Small Billet and Bar End
Power-Link 2.1 Low frequency, higher power 1000 - 5000 kW 100 Hz - 3 kHz Billet,Bar and Tube
Power-Link 3.0 General MF applications 100 - 1500 kW 100 Hz - 10 kHz Billet, Bar, Bar End Heating
Power-Link 4.0 Low Cost Option IGBT 10 - 100 kW 10 - 50 kHz Annealing, drying, curing, coating applications
Power-Link 6.0 Single full power rectifier with multiple remote inverter sections, high power 500 - 5000 kW 100 - 10 kHz Billet, bar and tube heating applications
Power-Link 7.0 High frequency MOSFET technology 10 - 100 kW 135 - 450 kHz Used for all high frequency applications
Power-Link 7.1 Low power, high frequency IGBT 7.5kW 135kHz - 300kHz High Frequency
Power-Link 8.0 Fine tune technology to switch between mains and battery 200 kW 10 kHz Crystal Growing

Billet and Bar Heating