Induction Bar End Heaters

Induction Bar End Heaters

Interpower Induction offer a range of induction bar end heaters with different coil options to achieve the customer’s required through-put. Dependent on the range of components and the required productions rates, we can advise the best options for heating the component range.

Options include:

•Channel or skid coil, the basic replacement for the traditional fossil fuel furnace, heats the component, making the process less time consuming. The typical channel coil has open ends to allow fast production rates and 30 ends / minute is not unusual for this type of induction coil with an automated handling system.

•The more efficient oval coil has closed ends and the component has to be pushed in and out of the coil. Maximum production rate depends on the loading and unloading.

•Interpower Induction Europe can offer the complete range of induction bar end heaters, from a single station to multiple stations, manual, semi or fully automatic. All systems are designed for tough forging environments and are user friendly.

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